48 Hours in Montreal

After countless cancels and delays, I finally met up with Bess and Sandra in Montreal, Canada! This was actually my third time in Montreal, but it has been over ten years since I’ve been here during the warmer months. If you read my previous post – Portland Travel Diary, you would know that I love a good girls trip! Let’s see some of the beautiful spots in Montreal!


Navy button dress / White sneakers (platform version here) / Sunglasses / Backpack


Even though I only had 48 hours in Montreal, we definitely made the most of it. Special thanks to Bess for being the super planner she always is : ) Our day started at 6am and we had three breakfasts before noon (mostly because it was raining in the morning), but wow those bagels were delicious! From Old Port to Mount Royal, from Chinatown to Parc Jean-Drapeau, we toured most of the major attractions in Montreal. The Notre-Dame Basilica was definitely the most crowded, but a must see! My favorite spot was Square Saint-Louis, which is a corner by a park with colorful houses. When I went with my family over ten years ago, we walked by the exact same spot and my mom deemed it as the most postcard-worth spot in Montreal!

In the evening, we hiked up to the top of Mount Royal and I actually took a power nap up there because I hadn’t slept in the longest time. We wanted to see the International Fireworks Competition from the top of Mount Royal, but the temperature dropped real fast and we ended up getting Tim Hortons by a gas station and watched the fireworks near there. It’s those bonding moments that make these trips so great : )


Black crop top / Western belt / White velcro sneakers (25% off) / Sunglasses



On the second day, we went to Osheaga! It was my first time going to a music festival and I definitely want to go to more in the future. We had a spiked lemonade when we got there, but had to go to the bathroom immediately. That was when we learned that the porta potties there were disgusting, so we drank a minimal amount for the rest of the day. There was so much to do at the music festival, including amusement rides, free food, and booths from different brands! It was so relaxing to sit on the grass with our pasta and fries, and just listen to the music. The closing act of the weekend was The Weeknd (haha), and he was amaaaazing!! Going to Osheaga made me want to go to Coachella sometime : )


Even though my trip to Montreal was short (seriously, never taking American Airlines again), we made the most out of it! My belly also made the most out of the weekend, thanks to all the delicious bagels and truffle pasta for brunch. To see what we ate, click here for Sandra’s blog post about Montreal eats. Here is a picturesque photo of the most postcard-worthy spot in Montreal, and my outfit details!

Day 1 Outfit

Navy button dress / White sneakers (platform version here) / Sunglasses / Backpack

Day 2 Outfit

Black crop top / Western belt / White velcro sneakers (25% off) / Sunglasses

To see my other Canadian adventures, click here for Toronto and click here for Ottawa. And click here for the travel vlog that Sandra made! Thank you so much for stopping by : )





  1. August 19, 2017 / 10:43 AM

    Your outfits are so adorable!! Glad you had fun in Montreal, it’s such a cute city! When I went last year my friend and I tried to bike up Mount Royal but we gave up 2 minutes in and left hahaha. I would love to go to Coachella someday too, it would be so much fun to dress up for!!

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