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  • Same Accessories Different Looks

    Everyone talks about how changing up your accessories will change the look completely, and I totally agree. However, changing your outfit while keeping the same accessories also has the same effect. You might be thinking – duh! Well, having some staple accessories is just as important as having staple clothing pieces in your wardrobe. Today […]

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  • Sunday Brunch in Blue

    There is no better city for brunch than New York. How else are you going to celebrate spring with your girl friends? Sunday brunch followed by shopping and strolling around in the spring air is every New Yorker’s dream, especially after the snow in March. At brunch, life is beautiful – doesn’t matter if you’re […]

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  • A Day in Williamsburg

    Williamsburg is a neighborhood in Brooklyn and is easily accessible from Manhattan via the L train.It is known for its hipster vibes, so my friend Tennley and I spent a day there to explore the neighborhood. I have been there a few times before for Smorgasburg, but never an entire day of exploring. If you are […]

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  • Spring Lookbook 2017

    Last week I did a spring fashion post about layering, and this week I am coming at you with my Spring Lookbook for 2017! I have five outfits, from casual to dressy, and I hope it gives you some inspiration when (online) shopping. Off-the-shoulder tops, cold shoulder tops, and bodysuits are all very popular right […]

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  • March Favorites

    A quarter of 2017 went by so quickly! Good thing I have more favorites to share with you : ) I probably should have cleaned my white sneakers a bit before taking that photo, but it just shows that I wear it loads! I will be starting with my favorite cafe in New York City […]

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  • Layering | Spring Fashion

    Last Monday was the first day of SPRING! Spring fashion tends to be overlooked because it’s that awkward stage between winter and summer, but I love it for just that reason. It’s the time for light jackets layered over cute summer clothes. Today I am sharing five layering combinations for spring, featuring my outerwear favorites this […]

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  • Trench Cape OOTD

    Walking in a winter wonderland (in March). Yup. I still get that giddy feeling when I watch the snow fall, and yesterday was no exception. While everyone wants a beautiful snow day (preferably in January) and a white wonderland, we all want the next day to be warm and for the snow to melt away […]