Sorority recruitment at my college is just around the corner, so I wanted to write a little about my sorority experience. One thing I looked forward to about the beginning of the school year is matching with my sisters in our new sorority swag. Today I partnered with Greek U to style an easy outfit to rock during recruitment season and show off your new sorority shirts. Also, check out my back to school outfits post! Let’s get started with the outfit and then the truth about sororities! This Alpha Phi shirt is super soft and it is loose-fitting, which… View Post

Hello friends! It’s almost the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean our fitness routine and healthy eating habits come to an end. It has been a little over a year since I moved to New York City and I am finally ready to share how I maintain a healthy lifestyle in the city. Everyone’s definition of a healthy lifestyle is different. For me,  it’s the lifestyle that makes me happy : ) Since I travel a lot for work, life get’s really hectic sometimes, but I do my best to balance it all. Let’s see my tips for staying… View Post

It is Wednesday and we are half done with the work week – woohoo! Today I thought I’d write a more personal piece, because I recently had my one year work anniversary : ) I actually spent the entire day at the airport, and I will explain more about it, so read on! I work for a consulting firm as a data scientist. Basically, my job is to analyze data and present models and findings to the client. But what does it mean to work for a consulting firm? To be honest, I still find it quite complicated to explain… View Post

I am finally blogging about my housewarming party! Thank you to everyone who came :’) If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen bits and pieces from setting up to the actual party, so make sure you follow me there! I just blogged about my marble countertops that I DIY-ed recently (click here for the blog post). Let’s begin! The color theme originated from the glitter bottles – pink and silver. The wine and champagne were provided by One Hope Wine and they were a delight with the desserts! The glitter bottles are perfect for presents or any… View Post

    Happy Sunday with a DIY! I finally had my housewarming party at the end of July and it was so much fun (check back on Wednesday for the blog post)! I moved to New York City last July and recently moved apartments, so I thought it was finally time to do it. I wanted to get my place ready before (most) people saw my new place for the first time, and this marble DIY project had been on my mind for the longest time, so I thought I would give it a go! I also ordered this coffee… View Post