ColourPop and ColourPop x Hello Kitty Review

Liquid lipsticks are everywhere now – pretty much all makeup brands have them. I jumped on the bandwagon pretty late (in August) and I’ve only tried two brands, Kylie Cosmetics and ColourPop, but I have so many great things to say about them. I did a review for Kylie Cosmetics, and now I’m reviewing ColourPop!

I placed two separate orders in the span of two months, and the second order included the ColourPop x Hello Kitty collection. We’ll start off with their main line of liquid lipsticks (and one lippie stick).


ColourPop liquid lipsticks

The liquid lipsticks are VERY pigmented. They are less drying than the Kylie lip kits but also less long-lasting. However, they are so pigmented that they kind of stain your lips in that color, so when it rubs off your lips are still whatever color you put on in the morning. One annoying thing is that when I eat a burger, for example, it rubs onto the wrapper and when I take another bite of my burger, the stain goes from the wrapper onto my face. Basically, I gotta be more ladylike when I eat. That’s the only complaint I have. My favorite one is the Creepy Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, because it’s a cool-tone red so it makes your teeth look whiter. Lost is similar to the Kristen lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. Clueless is a good nude color. Donut is the only one that I haven’t really used because it’s too orange for my skin tone. I only have one lippie stick, Bossy, which is a cool-tone red, but I don’t use it often because it is not as long-lasting as Creepy. The lippie sticks are also VERY pigmented, but because they are less drying than the liquid lipsticks, they are also less long-lasting. I have always stuck with my pinks, berries, and reds when it comes to lip products, but because these are so cheap (and you have to order 30 bucks of it to get free shipping), I decided to go out of my comfort zone. So glad I did!


Swatches (from left to right) – LAX, Rooch, Lost, More Better, Creepy, Donut, Clueless, Beeper, Tulle. On the bottom is the swatch for Bossy lippie stick.

Now onto the Hello Kitty collection! I had to pick some up : ) I purchased one satin liquid lipstick in the color Lock Diary and a gloss in the color Super Cute.


ColourPop x Hello Kitty

The pigmentation and consistency of Lock Diary is the same as the normal liquid lipsticks, but this one has a satin finish. The gloss is super pink and glittery and looks great on top of the Posie K lip liner from Kylie Cosmetics. The names and packaging of these Hello Kitty collection products are just so cute but I had to restrict myself.


Swatches (top to bottom) – Lock Diary, Super Cute

I hope you enjoyed my review! If you were thinking about ordering from ColourPop, I say give it a go. If you don’t want to order 30 dollars worth of lip products, order with your friends so you can get free shipping. I have more lip products than anything else in my makeup collection because I have always liked trying new lip products, so when I say I like these products, I really do. Thanks for stopping by : )



  1. November 11, 2016 / 6:16 PM

    omg the hellokitty ones are so cute!! snap me what super cute looks like when you wear it! :O

  2. November 19, 2016 / 5:10 AM

    Like the review. I want to buy them for a while now. And I think I am gonna do that 🙂

      • November 19, 2016 / 12:17 PM


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