Current Favorites | Spring 2018

Today I will be sharing with you my current favorites! Since I have been doing monthly outfit diaries, this post will include everything from beauty to lifestyle, and some fashion-related items that I have been loving this season. My previous WINTER FAVORITES post was quite lengthy, so I tried to keep this one on the shorter side. Let’s see what I have been loving this spring!


Dress: Revolve | Sneakers: Superga


My skincare routine has pretty much been the same since I last talked about my favorites. You can read more about my in-depth skincare routine HERE. The three main products that I want to talk about are the VANITY PLANET CLEANSING BRUSHSK-II ESSENCEand KIEHL’S FACIAL CREAM. The first three products are not news, as I have been using them for a long time now. I use the cleansing brush with THIS FACE WASH to cleanse my face, then I apply THIS TONER with a cotton pad, then the essence, and then finally the facial cream. It sounds like a lot of steps, but I promise it does not take long because I hate it when the process takes a long time.

What I love most about THE ESSENCE is that it makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated, which makes sense because there are a lot of nutrients for the skin in the product. THE FACIAL CREAM is the newest addition to my skincare routine, starting about two months ago. I have it in the travel size because I travel a lot, and it really moisturizes my skin without feeling oily. I love that the brand does not use added chemicals in the products too.


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or have been reading my travel posts, this is no surprise to you – I have been traveling a ton! Between New York City (where I live), Washington DC (where I work), and everywhere else. Since my last favorites post, I have been to SAN FRANCISCO, NEW ORLEANS, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and I am currently in Toronto. I have three travel favorites at the moment – PORTABLE LINT ROLLER, MARBLE CARRY-ON, and LONGCHAMP BACKPACK.

I seriously use my portable lint roller all the time, especially for my work clothes. Since I pack all my clothes in PACKING CUBES, sometimes my sweaters will leave lint on my work clothes, so I use the portable lint roller to clean myself up before going to work. Super convenient! Of course I have mine in pink 🙂 Next up is my marble carry-on, which I have had for almost one and a half year. It is still going strong and I highly recommend it if you travel a lot. For more information about how I pack, click HERE. Finally, my Longchamp backpack. If you saw THIS INSTAGRAM POST, you probably recognize it. It is my go-to backpack when traveling, because it surprisingly holds a lot.


I first want to talk about two work outfit favorites, which I posted about on InstaStory and on my SHOP PAGE. First are these BLUSH PINK FLATS that are so comfortable and work-appropriate, and they look amazing with THIS WHITE DRESS. I have mentioned this before, but if there is anything on my Instagram that you like, I link everything on my SHOP PAGE and APP.


Dress: Express (on sale) | Flats: M.Gemi

Next up is pretty much my uniform for spring – printed dress or romper with THESE WHITE SNEAKERS. To see some of my favorite printed dresses and rompers, head over to my SHOP PAGE and click around! I have also really been liking anything yellow and just purchased THESE SANDALS. It comes in four colors, but since I have been obsessed with yellow, I got them in yellow haha. I can’t wait to rock them with white dresses!


Dress: Asos | Sneakers: Superga

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