How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

Picnics always sound like a good idea, but by the time I find an open space and the perfect patch of grass, the food has already gone bad and the wine is already sweaty and lukewarm. That is why planning is super important! Don’t get me wrong, bringing some pre-popped popcorn and a picnic blanket to Central Park is relaxing, but these six tips are for when you want a fancier picnic : ) Let’s begin!

Pick the right spot

I live in New York City, and there are plenty of parks – Bryant Park, Central Park, East River State Park, and more. Bryant Park tends to get crowded over the weekends because it is quite small and it is in a super convenient location. East River State Park is in Brooklyn and has a nice view of the Manhattan skyline. Central Park has a variety of locations for you to picnic, like the Great Lawn, Sheep Meadow, and Belvedere Castle. If you are going to Central Park, look up how to get to the exact location before heading out so you’re not figuring out how to get there while holding all your picnic goodies. My friend and I chose a nice patch of grass at the Chelsea Waterside Park, because it was convenient and close-by.

Get the right blanket/mat

A lot of grassy areas tend to get a bit damp, especially if it’s hot and humid, so it is important to use a blanket or mat that is either water-resistant or thick enough so that your clothes won’t get wet. I brought my Together Mat by Sea and Grass for the picnic and it was the perfect size and thickness! It is foldable, so you can easily bring it to the picnic and unfold it. These hand-woven mats are also water resistant. I love that Sea and Grass donates a portion of all profits to the Areeya Scholarship Foundation towards education for children in need, and they recently donated to hurricane relief as well. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have saw that I also used it when I was relaxing and reading.

Something to carry everything

Of course, you need a picnic basket or some sort of bag to bring all the picnic goodies, including food, drinks, utensils, and more. I used a gigantic straw tote bag to hold everything, but I think I want to invest in an actual picnic basket in the near future (currently eyeing this one). Remember to pack all utensils and drinkware!

Prepare the food

Food food food! The key is to bring food that are easy to eat and do not get soggy or go bad. Fruits, pastries, popcorn, and sandwiches are my favorite picnic food items. If you need to cut the fruit or pastries, cut it beforehand so you don’t have to bring a sharp knife. I washed the berries and cut up the bagels before we left. As for sandwiches, just make sure you’re using ingredients that will not make the bread soggy quickly. Definitely bring something to drink as well, whether it’s water, pink lemonade, or wine. I had one last bottle of the glittery One Hope wine that I mentioned in my New York City Housewarming blog post, so I brought it along.

Dress for the occasion

During the hotter months, I like to wear rompers when I go on a picnic, because it looks like you’re wearing a super cute dress but you don’t have to worry about sitting properly and not flashing people. However, since the weather has been a bit chillier, I opted for a nice comfy rose-colored sweater and my go-to jean shorts. I love that this one is a darker rose color because it is perfect for fall! I buy sweaters from Aerie every year because they are seriously so soft, plus there is always some sort of deal going on. I finished the look with my Sam Edelman scalloped sandals that match with literally everything and are super comfortable to walk in (also sold here and here). For another cute picnic outfit, click here.


Lastly, enjoy your picnic. Picnics are meant for you to relax and have a good time! Oh, and take cute photos : )

I hope this was helpful and let me know in the comments below if you are going to have a picnic this fall. If you are looking for a picnic mat or a beach mat, I recommend checking out Sea and Grass. They also have really cute hand-woven bags that I am eyeing! I cannot wait to go apple and pumpkin picking in October and eat allll the apple pie! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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