How to Style Tights | Fall Fashion

Tights are one of the most versatile undergarments to have your wardrobe. Today I partnered up with Berkshire Hosiery to show you how I like to style tights in the fall! Let’s begin.


Wearing tights with skirts and thigh-high boots is one of my favorite ways to style tights during the colder months. I paired this plaid wrap skirt with a black cold shoulder sweater, slipped into the Berkshire easy on skinny tights, and finished the look with my thigh-high boots. My thigh-high boots is a suede material, so it adds texture to the monochrome look on the legs. I love that these tights are snug (in a good way) because it holds everything in nicely!


Plaid wrap skirt
Black cold shoulder sweater (sold out, similar here and here)
Berkshire Easy On Skinny Tights
Stuart Weitzman boots (lower heel height version)


I also like to wear tights with dresses! This is an outfit I wore to work and made the Uber driver stop to take photos for me (no shame haha). I wore a white dress shirt under a plaid tweed dress and paired it with my knee-high boots. I went with the Berkshire cozy hose tights because they are thicker and keep me warmer. I really love how soft and opaque they are.


BCBG plaid tweed dress (sold out, similar here and here)
Berkshire Cozy Hose Tights
Nine West knee-high boots


Finally, I love wearing tights with shorts. I had a friend in college who would do this throughout the entire winter! Again with the whole concept of texture when everything is one color, I paired my velvet shorts with my suede thigh-high boots and tied everything together with the Berkshire easy on skinny tights. You can probably tell already that in the colder months, I really like to wear neutral colors!


Black velvet shorts (similar here)
Ruffled off-the-shoulder sweater
Berkshire Easy On Skinny Tights
Stuart Weitzman boots (lower heel height version)

I hope you enjoyed these four outfits and hope you try out Berkshire’s tights. They are all high-quality and feel really great on the skin. Which outfit was your favorite and how do you like to style your tights? Let me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Thank you Berkshire Hosiery and Lipton Publicity for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions are my own.



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  1. imogenroseblogs
    October 7, 2017 / 7:28 AM

    I love this outfit on you. So cute and in season! The boots are to die for <3 Imogen xxx

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