Never Hungry in NOLA | A New Orleans Travel Guide

Last weekend, my friends and I made a trip to New Orleans because none of us had been there before. We definitely left five pounds heavier despite all the walking around! The food scene is full of southern comfort food, delicious drinks, and more. I shared some of the delicious foods on my InstaStory, so be sure to follow me on Instagram. My friends and I planned out our trip based on what we were going to eat, so below is a roundup for anyone visiting! I will be having another New Orleans Travel Guide post in a few days about things to do. Let’s begin!

*Sorry I do not have photos of everything because we were too impatient*


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Cafe Beignet

First stop – beignets! While Grace and I were waiting for Joyce to arrive, we walked to Cafe Beignet to get something to snack on. We got one order of beignets (three fresh beignets), jambalaya with chicken & andouille sausage, and and iced latte. The jambalaya was pretty good, but the beignets were delicious! We actually ended up going there again the next day to get beignets. The Bourbon Street location has live jazz, so it’s a great atmosphere.


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The raspberry gelato was delicious and it was great to fight off the heat down south! I had to take a photo of course.

Left: Cafe Beignet | Right: Gumbo Shop + Willie's

Gumbo Shop

You can’t go to New Orleans and not eat gumbo. This is a local favorite, and there are also a ton of tourists there. We decided to not wait in line for an hour and got the gumbo to-go. We bought some fried chicken from Willie’s on the way back to the hotel, and ate everything on the floor because we were too impatient. Also, gumbo is definitely not the aesthetically pleasing food haha. The gumbo was delicious! There were a lot of flavors and the bread that came with it was also amazing. The fried chicken was just okay, keep on reading for the best fried chicken in America.


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Commander’s Palace

We went to a jazzy brunch for the experience and it was a lot of fun! There is a live jazz band that walks around the restaurant to ask you if you have any requests and they will play it right beside you. The turtle soup appetizer is their most famous dish, and they top it off with some sherry. There is real turtle meat in the soup! It was very delicious and the sherry definitely made me glow (Asian glow, duh). The entrees we thought were good but not over the top. But wow the desserts were AMAZING! We got two creole bread pudding soufflés (what they are known for) and one ponchatoula strawberry shortcake. They were both very fresh. The bread pudding had a really nice texture and sweet but not too sweet. The strawberries on the shortcake are locally sourced and the buttermilk biscuits were delicious. The exterior of the restaurant was also very cute!

Left: Turtle soup | Middle: Desserts | Right: Mimosas
Left: Front of Willie Mae's | Right: America's best fried chicken

Willie Mae’s Scotch House

BEST FRIED CHICKEN IN AMERICA! That’s what it says on their Instagram 🙂 The chicken was juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and there is some sort of sauce they use that makes it a tad bit spicy and super delicious. It is kind of out of the way from where everything is in downtown NOLA, but definitely worth the uber ride. We devoured the fried chicken real fast. We also ordered the candied yams and brussel sprouts. My friends really liked the brussel spouts and I really liked the candied yams. The candied yams had cinnamon on them, and just the right texture. Next time I go to New Orleans, I am definitely getting this as my first meal.


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Carousel Bar

Now onto some drinks. Located in Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street, the Carousel Bar has an actual carousel in it. And it spins! My friends and I got drinks and waited for a spot to open up at the carousel. You definitely have to be patient if you want to experience it. After about half an hour, we finally got two seats and shared it between the three of us. It was a very cool experience, but it definitely made us dizzy (I swear it was not the alcohol). The drinks were good, nothing out of the ordinary. People mainly go for the carousel experience.

Frenchman Street

Bourbon Street is where a lot of the night life is, but it gets really rowdy and disgusting. Frenchman Street has a lot of live jazz bars, like the Spotted Cat. There are also a lot of artisan sellers and street food at night. The jerk chicken from one of the street vendors was super delicious!

Cafe Du Monde

We got the beignets of course. This is probably the most famous place to get beignets. However, I like the beignets from Cafe Beignet better because they are fluffier. One of my friends liked Cafe Du Monde better because the texture is doughier. So it really depends on your preference. The line for this place is super long during the day though, but it is open 24 hours so go at night for a shorter wait.

Left: Molly's At The Market | Right: Johnny's Po-Boys

Molly’s At The Market

We went there for one thing and one thing only – the frozen Irish coffee. It tasted like a frappuccino!! You can’t taste much of the alcohol but there is definitely alcohol in it 😉

Johnny’s Po-Boys

Another must try place! We got the alligator andouille poboy and fried catfish poboy. My friends liked the alligator one more and I liked the catfish one more. The bread for both was the perfect crispiness on the outside and fluffiness on the inside, and I really liked how the fried catfish added to the texture. When you order it, they will ask you if you want it “dressed”, which means “do you want to add lettuce, mayo, and all the good stuff”. Of course, the answer is yes.


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Big Easy Daiquiris

As the tour guide of the morning swamp tour instructed, we got the house blend daiquiri to-go, which means it is a mix of all the flavors they have to offer. It came in a fleur de lis cup! We had to take advantage of the lack of open container laws in New Orleans!

Left: Pho Noi Viet | Right: District Donuts

Pho Noi Viet

The last meal we had in New Orleans was pho. We all ordered the rare beef pho and the broth was very flavorful. The only thing I have to say about this place is that the beef were not thinly cut enough, but delicious regardless.

District Donuts

A sweet ending to the weekend – donuts. It was a block away from the pho place, so we got a cereal and milk donut, an original glazed donut, and a carrot cake donut. My favorite was definitely the carrot cake one, and my friends really liked the original glazed donut. The donuts are taller than normal donuts, and on the doughier side.

And that’s it for the New Orleans food tour! If you try out any of these places the next time you visit, please let me know! And if you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment below. Thank you for stopping by 🙂


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