It’s Sunday morning and I’m on my way out for brunch. During the week when I go to the office, I turn right, cross the street, and take the train uptown. However, brunch was a left turn and downtown. Why did I automatically turn right when I was supposed to turn left? I’m sure this has happened to many people – you usually go one way and you still go the same way even though you’re supposed to go the opposite direction. It’s called a habit. Today I am going to talk all about habits and The Power of Habit by… View Post

I recently added a faux shearling jacket to my wardrobe and wanted to share my love for it (as in I can see myself purchasing more haha). I have the Faux Shearling Moto Jacket by J.O.A. in a multicolor – cream, olive, and navy. When I saw this on sale at, I was actually leaning towards the blush pink one. However, I couldn’t justify getting it because I had already purchased a pink jacket at the end of last year. At the same time, I really loved the shape of this faux shearling jacket, so I went for the multicolored one.… View Post

I escaped from the brutal winter up north to the happy sunny south last weekend and today I will be sharing some photos of what I did in Orlando. It was my first time on PTO (only took two days) and it just felt awesome to get paid for having fun haha. Anyone who uses their paid time off will understand this : ) If you want to check out my outfit details from this trip, click here. Day one was kind of a chill day, because we were waiting for other people to fly in. My friends and I… View Post

Less than a month until Valentine’s Day! This is definitely not a holiday that people get suuuper excited about, but it’s still a celebration and an excuse to do something special. Presents are not a must, but how can you say no to presents? 😉  Today I have three gift ideas for him and for her, as well as three date ideas that I would love to do on Valentine’s Day! For Him Something practical. Guys generally like practical things, like a Daniel Wellington watch, a tile, or a tie. A DW watch is classy and casual, and on the… View Post

It was a weekend well spent in Orlando. I am back with another what I wore this weekend! If you missed the last one, click here. It was so relaxing to escape from the cold New York weather for a weekend getaway in the happiest place on earth – Disney World. It was also my first adventure of 2017 (many more to come)! The weather in Orlando was about 60-80 degrees, so I had a cardigan in my backpack at all times, but it was still warm enough to wear shorts and rompers : ) Here is what I wore… View Post