After countless cancels and delays, I finally met up with Bess and Sandra in Montreal, Canada! This was actually my third time in Montreal, but it has been over ten years since I’ve been here during the warmer months. If you read my previous post – Portland Travel Diary, you would know that I love a good girls trip! Let’s see some of the beautiful spots in Montreal! Navy button dress / White sneakers (platform version here) / Sunglasses / Backpack Even though I only had 48 hours in Montreal, we definitely made the most of it. Special thanks to Bess for being… View Post

I went on a girls trip with my best friends from college to Portland, Maine! Today’s post will be my travel diary from the trip back in mid-July. Click here for my Portland Outfit Diary. After college, my friends and I ended up in different states and scattered on both coasts, but we managed to make all our vacation schedules match up for a road trip. What sparked our trip was actually Ingrid Nilsen’s video with her friends to Portland, Maine, and we thought it was the perfect idea for our first post-graduation trip together. It was so much fun,… View Post

Happy casual Friday! If you are a working girl like I am, Fridays are probably your favorite when it comes to dressing up for work because it’s casual Friday! I work for a consulting firm and usually work from home on Fridays, as I have been recently traveling to Washington DC from Monday to Thursday. However, when I do go to the office, I like to keep it casual on Fridays and wear something that will look appropriate at dinner with friends (basically not anything too formal). This jumpsuit is perfect for casual Fridays because the pin stripes give you… View Post

I am finally blogging about my housewarming party! Thank you to everyone who came :’) If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen bits and pieces from setting up to the actual party, so make sure you follow me there! I just blogged about my marble countertops that I DIY-ed recently (click here for the blog post). Let’s begin! The color theme originated from the glitter bottles – pink and silver. The wine and champagne were provided by One Hope Wine and they were a delight with the desserts! The glitter bottles are perfect for presents or any… View Post

    Happy Sunday with a DIY! I finally had my housewarming party at the end of July and it was so much fun (check back on Wednesday for the blog post)! I moved to New York City last July and recently moved apartments, so I thought it was finally time to do it. I wanted to get my place ready before (most) people saw my new place for the first time, and this marble DIY project had been on my mind for the longest time, so I thought I would give it a go! I also ordered this coffee… View Post