Real vs. Fake Kylie Lip Kits + Review

I recently saw this video about fake Kylie lip kits gluing people’s lips together and remembered that I had one too, so here we go.

I actually purchased my first Kylie lip kit on the streets of New York City in August. A man was selling Urban Decay Naked palettes, Kylie lip kits, and much more, so we thought he was pretty legit. He was selling two lip kits for $25 and we thought we would try them out (I got Mary Jo K). I actually liked it! A couple of weeks later, I purchased her lip kits from for $29 per lip kit. When I received my Kristen lip kit, Posie K lip kit, and Candy K gloss, I realized that the one I purchased on the streets was a fake.

Now onto the differences. The packaging looks very similar, almost identical. However, the liquid lipstick is shorter and wider, and the lip pencil is longer. When you compare the labels on the bottom of the liquid lipsticks, the fake one is significantly bigger than the real one. They also smell different. The fake one smells like birthday cake and the real one smells like vanilla.


As far as the actual product goes, both are very long-lasting. However, the fake liquid lipstick does tend to clump more, and the fake lip pencil is not as creamy. I did not experience my lips being glued together, but the fake Kylie product is definitely more drying.

As Kylie mentioned on her Snapchat, purchase her products from the official website! I’m not saying that all IG/eBay resellers are selling fake products, but she is doing free shipping and most colors are in stock. I really love these lip kits because they are long-lasting and the colors are just beautiful. Since long-lasting lip products are usually more drying than normal lip sticks, I exfoliate my lips with Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub and let my Burt’s Bees lip balm sit in while I do my makeup, then use the lip kit. During the day I don’t have to worry too much about my lips, and that’s one less thing to worry about! I will definitely purchase more colors in the future!

I hope this helped you learn how to spot a fake Kylie lip kit, inspired you to try one out, or was at least entertaining! Leave a comment below about your thoughts on her products. Thanks for stopping by : )



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