Stocking Stuffers Under $25

Welcome to day 6 of #12DaysOfKimber!

Just like my Holiday Gift Guide for Her and Holiday Gift Guide for Him, I rounded up eight of my favorite stocking stuffers, and they are all under $25! To be honest, these don’t have to be stocking stuffers. If you have a higher budget, you can easily combine some of these with your other ideas, as they are all amazing gifts that your friends will love <3 Let’s begin!


  1. Polaroid album – If your friend has a polaroid or a photo printer of some sort, this is a great present for them because they can use it to store their polaroids. This was part of my birthday present last year, so I have a polaroid from my 22nd birthday on the cover of the album. It comes in many colors and prints!
  2. Beauty blender ornament – I bought this for myself recently (yes, kind of late on this), and WOW why have I not used beauty blenders before? Probably because they are not the cheapest, but they really do make a difference. Plus, it makes packing for my work trips so much easier. The ornament comes with the beauty blender and a solid cleanser. You can also just get the original beauty blender.
  3. Long distance mugs – These mugs are adorable! If you have a friend or significant other who lives far away, or if you live far away from home, these mugs are perfect to gift to yourself and whoever else so you two can match. The Etsy store has soo many versions of these mugs, so you can pick which quote you want on there depending on who you get it for.
  4. Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick – I have this in the color Joli Rouge and it is the perfect holiday red lipstick. It has a cooler tone, which is the type of red lipstick I like, as it matches my skin tone better. It glides on easily and is also long-wearing.
  5. XL wine glass – For your alcoholic friend out there. I gave one to my friend last year and then bought one for myself this year (except someone broke mine recently lol). These really do hold an entire bottle of wine! Don’t whine when you drink that much wine!
  6. Tangle teezer – I have this in the Hello Kitty version and bring it on all my travels. It is so compact and works really well. Sometimes when I’m traveling for work, I am so tired at the end of the day that I just fall asleep in my wet hair, so I use the tangle teezer in the morning to get rid of all the knots. Some people also keep this in their purses!
  7. External charger – In today’s world, we all need one of these. This white one is super slick and will give your friend’s phone at least two full charges. No one likes to carry around a bulky external charger, and this one is very compact.
  8. Sheet masks – Pamper your friend! Why not add a sheet mask or two to the main present? My two favorite ones are these hydration ones by Too Cool For School and the pore master by Dr. Jart+. If your friend loves sheet masks, you can even get a gift box full of different ones!

I hope these stocking stuffer ideas gave you some inspiration and this wraps up my gift guides for this year. What are you getting for your friends for Christmas? Leave it in the comments below. I can get some inspiration from you guys too!

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