The Truth About Sororities

Sorority recruitment at my college is just around the corner, so I wanted to write a little about my sorority experience. One thing I looked forward to about the beginning of the school year is matching with my sisters in our new sorority swag. Today I partnered with Greek U to style an easy outfit to rock during recruitment season and show off your new sorority shirts. Also, check out my back to school outfits post! Let’s get started with the outfit and then the truth about sororities!


This Alpha Phi shirt is super soft and it is loose-fitting, which makes it extra comfortable. I love this outfit because it is super easy to put together. You can never go wrong with a t-shirt, jean shorts, and white sneakers. However, adding the western-inspired belt really pulls the look together. If western belts aren’t your thing, try a metallic skinny belt. Since every sorority sister has the same shirt, it is important to add your personal style to the look by accessorizing. Whether it’s a belt, a choker, or bracelets, remember to add your own flare to the recruitment shirts!


Alpha Phi shirt / Topshop jean shorts / Zaful western belt / Superga white sneakers

Now onto the truths! Everyone’s experience is different and it depends on the organization you join and college you go to. This is solely based on my experience 🙂

Big little week is magical

I loved big little week. My big showered me with delicious baked goods, Alpha Phi clothes and jewelry, and so many other goodies. When it was my time to shower my little with presents, I did not hold back. You can get sorority merchandise for your little from Greek U, including matching big-little shirts! While there are some bigs who are not as #extra, for the most part, the presents are full of heart. I mean, not everyone is a perfect match. Even if you don’t get your dream big or little, it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

You will not get along with everyone

What you see in movies about everyone being best friends is definitely not true. No matter how big or small your sorority is, you will not get along with everyone and that is totally fine. You don’t even have to get along with everyone in your pledge class. It is only natural that there are people you don’t get along with because we are human.

You will find your best friends

Some of my best friends from college are the girls from my sorority and we are still tight as ever after graduation. To me, this is what really matters. I still rely on them for life advice, relationship advice, fashion advice, and random chit chat. I honestly don’t know what I would do without them.

Matching is a blessing

When it comes to recruitment or philanthropy events, we all wear the exact same thing and we basically look like clones. It’s kind of weird at first, but it becomes normal and you appreciate it by the time you’re a senior.

Rituals are real

They are not as extreme as the ones in movies, but they are real. It depends on each sorority and they tend to be kept secret, so shh.

Photo day is leg day

All the sorority squats, yup. Enough said.

Recruitment songs stay in your head forever

I still hum the recruitment songs in my head sometimes without even realizing it. After singing it for so many years, it’s hard to get them out of your head. Even the drinking ones 😉

Formals really are a freaking blast

My junior year formal was on a cruise and it was AMAZING. While people tend to hate on risk management (I definitely did), they are the real heroes for sticking through and coordinating the best events for us. It was a mix of tears and happiness because it was the time of the year to send off the seniors and celebrate the end of a school year. Some of my best memories for sure.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit and the truths about sororities. If you have anything to add to my list, please leave it in the comments below! I would love to hear about your sorority experience. Best of luck to my ladies and thank you so much for stopping by : )

Thank you Greek U for collaborating with me and for Shopping Links to make it possible. All opinions are my own.




  1. September 5, 2017 / 7:09 PM

    I’m not in greek life, but my best friend is and she always takes me to her formals! They really are so fun! They really remind me of homecoming/prom from high school but better.

    • September 5, 2017 / 9:55 PM

      So true! Formals are always such a great time 🙂

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