What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag

Happy Sunday! Since I travel a LOT for work, I thought it would be interesting to do a what’s in my travel makeup bag : ) At home, I use this makeup organizer to organize everything, and when I travel, I use my Kylie Cosmetics pouch to hold everything that is on this list. As I mentioned in my August favorites, I have not been using foundation much and have just been using the Tarte concealer – super quick and easy! However, I bring the foundation just in case I have a networking event to go to. I really don’t bring that much, and for the cotton pads, I put a handy few in a ziploc bag. Of course, my liquids (face wash, lotion, glow tonic) are travel size! Basically, the goal is to keep everything in one pouch. Definitely check out the makeup wipes I bring along with me, and click any item below that interests you!

And here is a quick airport OOTD! You can always get my outfit details under the SHOP tab!

Soft t-shirt (available in many colors)

Black cardigan with back detail (50% off!)

High-waisted leggings

Pink adidas sneakers (also sold here and here)

Longchamp duffel bag

Calpak marble carry-on

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