Working at Cafés

As a consultant, I am sometimes able to work from home. Basically as long as my meetings can be done online and I don’t have to be on the client site, I can work from home. However, working from home gets boring pretty fast. When I get bored of working from home, I do one of three things – go to the office, go to a café, or simply take a stroll (and keep my Fitbit happy) during lunch break.

There are three perks of going to the office. Number 1, free coffee free fruits free hot chocolate free gummy bears. Number 2, you get to socialize with other analysts and managers. Number 3, sometimes there are fun events or talks at the office. The downside is that you have to pay for your subway there and back home (unless you live close to your office or have a monthly pass). Going to the office also makes me feel more productive even if I am equally productive when I’m not at the office.

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Working at Kobrick

Working at cafés also gives me a similar feeling of being productive. It is also a way to be around people, even if they are just sitting beside me. I have been using an app called Work Hard Anywhere (available on iOS and Android) to find new cafés to work at. What I like most about the app is that it allows you to filter based on WiFi availability, outlet availability, and so on. Similar to Yelp, it shows you places you can work at that are near you. When I took this screenshot, I was in SoHo and it suggested a café called Berkli Parc, which is a great place to work at and has delicious coffee. Five icons show up when you click on a location – WiFi speed, outlet availability, parking availability, price, and seating availability. If you tap the pop-up, it will show you pictures of the location, menu, people’s comments, and more. I have found some of my favorite places to work at through this app, including Kobrick, Bibble and Sip, and FIKA. On the days I decide to go to a café, I will usually eat breakfast and lunch at home, then head to a café, and come home in the evening for dinner. I really have been enjoying this app (it is available in many cities, not just New York!) and hope to find more cafés to work at.


On the days when I work from home all day, I will take a stroll during lunch break. Walking around the city, whether on Fifth Avenue or in Chelsea, allows me to get my steps in and just move around so my body is not in the same position all day long. I have to have some self control when I walk on Fifth Avenue, but if I don’t bring my wallet out, it saves me a lot of trouble. I am always refreshed after walking around, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the times I am able to work from home. If you check out the Work Hard Anywhere app, let me know in the comments below. Also, if you work from home, please leave a comment below and tell me about what your experience is! Thanks for stopping by : )



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